About Us

We are a small consulting business active in the healthcare market place. Next year 2018 will see a great change in data protection in the United Kingdom and across Europe as the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations come into force across the European Union in May. We are working with organisations to help them to understand the changes that need to be made. We help them to plan and execute those changes so that their businesses can continue to serve their clients and patients delivering high levels of professional healthcare.

We have a strong background in assimilating new regulation and guidance. We turn it into practical day to day advice and processes that fits with the scale and complexity of each of our clients. Many smaller healthcare providers will perhaps be unsure of the changes required. If there are already comprehensive data protection measures and policies in place the changes will be relatively easy to adopt. We do recommend early gap and risk analysis to avoid a late rush to compliance. However if there is an underlying need to update current process we would advise quick action.

Our approach of Secure Data – Safe Patient acts to ensure that we do enough to ensure patient data is safe and the patients rights are upheld but we don’t create paperwork for the sake of it. We aim to ensure that we create an active knowledgeable environment where staff understand and own the responsibilities for data protection. Where possible we keep things simple.

There are large amounts of information relating to data protection and data security available. Much of this information is freely accessed but not always easy to find. Sometimes it can just be a bit confusing to those that don’t work with it on a regular basis. On this web site we have brought together the key pieces of that information that we feel may help guide the practitioner. We have provided pointers to its source along with some further guidance and tools to help get ready for GDPR-2018. We are of course happy to offer further help if you need it. Please feel free to contact us.

“protectourdata” is a trading name of Project Technologies (UK) Ltd registered in England 3474020 and whose registered office is at 35 New Quay Close, Hinckley, Leicestershire.