Welcome – helping schools prepare for GDPR.

The video below will provide a brief (5min) introduction to help get things started.

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Click here for the full completed slide.
Click here for an introduction for Governors. For Information Security see here. For Parents see here.

Click below to open a useful GDPR overview document from the ICO.
The education section of the ICO website with useful schools related content (including a video series from the DOE) is here.
A key part of preparing for the changes in May is to review where you are from a data and process point of view – Data Audit.
The other two documents below are templates to help prepare for this by collecting information about where you are in the process.
Combined with an analysis of the data you collect and handle (process)  these will form the information gathering phase of the change.
They are based on the ICO online assessment but allow you to keep, save and edit the record as you go.
This helps to provide a record of your audit process and allows future review and comparison.
They can be download by right clicking the images below.

A word from the Data Commissioner Elizabeth Denham

To assist in the audit of your data the following data flow spreadsheet template from the ICO is a useful starting point. Click to download.

More help to follow over the coming days, please come back and see us soon.