GDPR – Healthcare – Email

Thinking about email and sensitive personal data.
This post looks at the challenges of using email for sensitive personal data.

Let’s start by looking at the typical email journey in the video below.

The introduction of GDPR perhaps allows us the time to consider other forms of technology for sharing sensitive health related information.

Products such as Citrix Sharefile have been successfully used to support healthcare providers to secure data storage in the cloud. These type of products allow a standards based level of security while providing flexibility of use. Giving you the freedom to operate securely and grow your business. Your data remains in certified data centres within the boundaries of the EU. Plug in tools for Microsoft Outlook allow the user to easily secure both the email message body and any attachments by using Sharefile to encrypt and control the access to the content. Your clients/ suppliers/ customers do not require licensing to use the system. You simply license your staff and away you go.

These tools also allow for sharing large medical files that tend to be larger than most email systems allow. There are also viewer tools for medical imaging data.

Is it time to take a look at the alternatives to email allowing a focus on the patient and the delivery of care?

More information at Sharefile for Healthcare
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